Walk In Tub Reviews 2020 By Consumer Reports

Walk In Tub Reviews 2020 By Consumer Reports

Not everyone is capable of hopping into a bathtub; some people just can’t because of certain disabilities. In this case, a walk-in tub would suffice.

Walk-in bathtubs are specially designed for people with disabilities or aged people. Just like its name implies, it is a bathtub that allows you to walk in through its step-in threshold without the stress of having to lift yourself into the tub.

There are lots of walk-in bathtubs on the market, but we have chosen for you the best three.

The 3 Best Walk-in Bathtubs Reviews

Mecor Walk-in Whirlpool Bathtub, Rectangular

Believe me; this whirlpool bathtub is an ideal combination of beauty, grandeur, durability, and effectiveness. With a 3-inch low step-in threshold, 2 Stainless-steel grab bars and a slip-resistant floor, you sure know you are in safe hands.

It has also been equipped for a luxurious bath: two powerful water jets, one handheld showering wand, 20 inches built-in seat, and a pillow.

The materials put together to construct this bathtub are high-quality ones. Included in the package are handheld showering wand, a fast-filling faucet, an overflow, and a safety grab bar with a polished chrome drain.


  • Durable materials
  • Beautiful design and features
  • Has reliable sealing
  • Floor is slip-resistant
  • Comfortable and luxurious
  • Lifetime warranty on the door seal
  • 10-year warranty on the tub shell
  • 5-year warranty on all other components


  • It’s a bit pricey

Ella’s Bubbles OA2660HMH-LHB Lounger Hydro and Microbubble Therapy Acrylic Walk-In Tub

The Ella’s Bubbles is one of the best walk-in acrylic bathtubs on the market. It has quite a lot of beautiful features that have kept it top-ranking amongst hundreds of tubs. Constructed with high-quality white acrylic shell reinforced with fiberglass gel coat, it has a gloss finish to enhance grandeur and durability.

This walk-in bathtub is designed with nine powerful hydro jet massage system which administers therapeutic massage on every part of your body. The acrylic material used for this bathtub is scratch-resistant and impermeable to mold.


  • Exfoliates and hydrates skin
  • Designed with tempered glass outward swing door with a 3-latch lock system and a plastic composite.
  • Long, wide and tall
  • In-line water heater to maintain water temperature.
  • Designed with ozone sterilization


  • Consumes space

Avano AV3238RWA Walk-In Tubs 37-1/4″ Acrylic Air Bathtub for Alcove Installations

For those who need a walk-in bathtub, but you have limited space, go for this one. however, it’s one of the best alcove bathtubs on the market.

Due to limited space, the tub is installed with three joining walls or pocket alcove in your bathroom. This bathtub is equipped with an air injection system that gives a calming therapeutic bath.

You can trust this product here to effectively serve you or the particular person you are getting it for. Materials used are slip-resistant, chip, and crack-resistant, and also easy to clean.


  • Slip-resistant bottom
  • Complies with standards of American’s with Disabilities Acts
  • Easy to use and operate


  • Being so deep, it might be a bit difficult to get out of it

Best walk in bathtubs – Buying Guide

When buying a walk-in bathtub, these are the factors to consider

Bathtub Size

Most walk-in bathtubs are long and spacious, so they might take an ample space in your shower, which will not be a problem if you have enough space to spare. If you are, however, conscious of space, then you should go for a smaller model that will fit into the space you have. The size you will purchase should also be determined by the bather(s) who will be using this bathtub.

Bathtub material

Also, consider the material put together to construct the bathtub you are buying. You would not want a bathtub that would start tearing up or losing its sheen and elegance after few times of usage, would you? Therefore, go for one with high-quality materials that can stand the test of time.

Bathtub capacity

It is also crucial that you consider the capacity of the bathtub and make sure the tub you are purchasing can fully hold enough water that would give you a full soak.

Anti-slip resistance

Also, check if the bathtub is one that resists slipping so as to be safe.


Lastly, it is vital to have a warranty on the bathtub you want to purchase. Tubs are quite expensive, so it is safe to buy one with a warranty to save future expenses should you are not satisfied with what you got.