How To Choose Pillows For The Elderly

How To Choose Pillows For The Elderly

The old people sometimes suffer from some common conditions like lack of sleep, a broken sleep, having neck pain when waking up, etc. Having an appropriate pillow will play an important role in curing these health problems.

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Before getting to the main content of this post, we would like to provide you with some basic knowledge about some common health problems that affect the elderly’s sleep.

Causes Of A Broken Sleep

Latent Diseases

Nowadays, the elderly have to face the lack of sleep every night. However, this problem may be the symptom of some latent diseases

  • Heart and lung-related diseases such as heart failure and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
  •  Gastroesophageal reflux disease including symptoms like esophageal stricture and esophagitis.
  • Arthritis
  • Urethritis causing urinating at midnight
  • Depression and anxiety caused by pressure
  • Mental disorders such as Alzheimer and Parkinson
  • Side-effect of medicine
  • Messes with breathing patterns

In order to assist the elderly to have better sleep, you have to take care of their health problems first.

Use The Wrong Types Of Pillows

Nowadays, on the market, there are many types of pillows from various brands, so you may, unfortunately, choose the low-quality one. This is also another cause of sleep-lacking. 

Unqualified pillows are useless in supporting the head and neck of the elderly. They are always in pain and feel unpleasant when waking up if they use an uncomfortable pillow. What’s more, these products often come from unreliable brands.

In some cases, the material used for manufacturing a pillow is not hygienic and it can agglomerate dust and bacteria in the transporting and selling process. As a result, the elderly often encounter health problems and decreased quality of their sleep. Thus,  to make sure that the old people have a sweet dream, you have to choose an appropriate pillow for them.

Tips For Buying A Pillow For The Elderly

Pillows That Are Sufficiently Firm And Elastic

In fact, many people assume that a soft pillow will help the elderly to have healthful sleep. This is an incorrect assumption! If the pillow is too soft, it will cause headaches and degenerative spine. 

Therefore, when choosing pillows for the elderly, you should focus on materials that are elastic and sufficiently firm. Furthermore, the pillow must be able to support the elderly’s head and neck appropriately.

Natural latex rubber, silk-cotton and feather pillows are suitable for a night of deep sleep. With the technological advances, many brands come up with an idea to produce pharmacotherapy pillows made from natural herbs. However, don’t just follow the trend and beware of herbal-therapy pillows. Many herbs may give off a musty odor and they will interfere with the respiratory of the old people.

Pillows Suiting The Sleeping Posture

The elderly hardly change their posture when sleeping because they are in the old age stage. Normally, the oldsters are less flexible than the youngsters, so they rarely tumble about at night and tend to stay in one posture. As a result, they tend to have pain in the neck. The only solution to this problem is to have a suitable pillow for each posture.

There are three common sleeping postures: sleeping on the back, on sides, or on the stomachs. Sleeping with these postures requires combining many kinds of pillows together. 

Apart from a pillow to handle the head, the elderly need another pillow to support their waist or knee to protect their spine and reduce pressure on joints. 

Pillows With Elegant Colors

For the elderly, you shouldn’t buy pillows with garish and dazzling colors, because they will make the atmosphere in the bedroom become oppressive and stifling. Therefore, we recommend you choose neutral and simple colors. Besides, the colors of pillows should go with the colors of the wall and other bedroom items.

Best Materials For Pillows

Natural Latex Rubber

This kind of pillow is 100% made from the natural components. This material is more elastic and durable than any other type. However, there is one disadvantage of natural latex rubber pillow is that it may absorb the head quite furiously and cause a headache.

The second weakness of the latex pillow is that it is quite pricey and not many people can afford it.


Feather pillow used to be the best-buy product. This type of pillow brings the elderly the comfortable and enjoyable feeling. However, after a long time of use, it tends to be deflated and is unable to support the neck of the elderly. For this reason, the elderly may have neck pain if they spend too much time using a feather pillow.

Foam Pillow

This kind of pillow is one of the most prominent kinds on the market. Particularly with the elderly, foam is considered the most appropriate material for manufacturing a pillow.

Foam pillow is optimal to support the head and the neck of the elderly. After a deep sleep, the elderly won’t find their body in pain like when using other kinds of pillow.

Massage Pillow

The perfect mixture of modern technology and traditional pillow-making method has brought about a brand-new type of pillow. The massage pillow will ease the weaken muscles of the elderly so that they can enjoy their sleeping time.

This pillow has 4 balls moving 360 degrees to constantly massage the head, neck and nape of the neck. All the fatigue of the elderly will be eliminated and they can have a buoyant mind and good health.

In Conclusion

We hope that after you read this article, you now figure out how to find the best pillow for an oldster. The elderly deserve to enjoy their precious relaxing time after a life of hard work. If you find our piece of information useful, keep following our website for more interesting articles.