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Navien Tankless Water Heater Problems

Many people have been singing about how good tankless water heaters made by Navien are. This is because of the series of benefits these technologically advanced water heaters offer, which cannot get from other brands of tankless water heaters. You know, with Navien tankless water heater, life is pretty much easier because you would have lower bills to pay and a smaller carbon footprint.

Through the use of condensing technology, you will get on-demand hot water, thereby reducing your water bills. With Navien tankless water heaters, you would have a durable, long-lasting water heater that is highly compatible with your existing water system, allowing you to save as much as you want.

As they say, every good thing has its downsides. Irrespective of how effective, excellent, and beneficial Navien tankless water heaters are, they also have their disadvantages. Due to the fact that Navien tankless water heaters are the first to be run on condensing technology, there are bound to be some common issues associated with this new heating system.

Some of those common issues are:

1. Control Board Failures

The control board is one of the crucial parts of a tankless water heater. Most people do not see the reason why this part of the water heater should fail, but yes, it does fail. Also known as “control valve” or “control motherboard,” it does a lot in making your water system work correctly, efficiently, and safely.

Control board failures can be just mild or sometimes serious. One of the symptoms of a control board failure is if your unit completely fails to turn on, or turns on and off repeatedly. As said earlier, the issue might actually be a mild one that would require you to unplug and plug in the power cycling the unit simply.

In some other cases, you might just need to change the control board. For any model of Navien tankless water heater you are using, you can always get a control motherboard replacement. To purchase the right one, just cross-reference your model with the part number on the replacement control board.

It is crucial that you take care of the control board the same way you take care of the whole unit. Keep this part of the unit clean always by ensuring no debris or particles are obstructing the valve. Clean the valve gently with a soft damp cloth and avoid putting materials that are capable of igniting and burning close to it.

2. Navien Flow Sensor Problems

Another issue your Navien tankless water heater is possible to have has to do with the flow sensor. Tankless water heaters provide hot water only when it is demanded for. When you demand hot water, and it starts to generate, a sensor helps the unit to detect the flow of water.

Navien flow sensors also do develop faults and hinder the efficiency of this unit. The flow sensor would, at a point, get rusty. The buildup would disturb operation and shut the unit down. This issue is very rampant among the early models of tankless water heaters made by Navien.

To solve this issue, you can replace the unit’s flow sensor to a Stainless Steel one that will not corrode. You can, however, fix this problem without having to purchase a flow sensor replacement. All you need to do is to install a 5-micron filter in the water inlet. This filter will collect the debris and prevent it from impairing operation.

3. Navien Heat Exchanger Issue

The heat exchanger is another significant part of the Navien tankless water heater. This device passes heat from the water heater gas to the flowing water, thereby heating it. In other words, the heat exchanger is responsible for transferring the heat from the power source to the fluid.

This part of the Navien tankless water heater does not develop issues as frequently as the control valve and flow sensor. But then, there is a possibility of the heat exchanger getting cracked. When this happens, your unit will fail to heat effectively. Also, exhaust gas begins to find its way into your home.


Some parts of the Navien tankless water heaters suffer wear and tear. When a part wears, find a replacement for it to enjoy the continuous effectiveness of the unit.

3 Best Grohe Kitchen Faucet Reviews 2019

When it comes to producing kitchen sinks that make you always to want to wash dishes, the Grohe kitchen sink is one of the best. It is a renowned kitchen faucet manufacturer that has been producing plumbing materials for over seven decades.

What makes this brand unique is that it is known for the production of high-end and excellent products that are widely used across the world. This manufacturer produces that are made with great care using the finest materials together with some of today’s most innovative technologies to ensure that they satisfy what you are searching for in a kitchen faucet. This article is written to help you with the best Grohe kitchen faucet.

Top 3 Best Grohe Kitchen Faucet Reviews 2019

Grohe 33 870 ZBO Bridgeford Dual Spray Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet

On top of our list for the overall best kitchen faucet made by Grohe is Grohe Bridgeford unit. This model is made with a traditional design that gives your kitchen an excellent look that you always dream of. Likewise, it features SilkMove technology that provides you with a smooth and effortless water control to wash all dishes at any time of the day.

It features a pull-down dual spray model that enhances the functionality of your kitchen sink. That is you can do two different washing in a single sink with it. Also, it comes in numerous finishes to suit whatever décor is in your kitchen.

Grohe K7 Semi-Pro Single-Handle Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet

If you are in search of a kitchen faucet that would last you for years, this is what you are searching for. This unit features a SpeedClean anti-lime system that helps you to prevent the buildup of lime, thereby, keeping your faucet safe from rusting or fading.

Also, it comes with Silkmove technology that allows you to enjoy smooth handling and ultimate comfort. With its StarLight finish, you tend to get an excellent and elegant design kitchen faucet.

Eurodisco Single-Handle Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet

This product is built to give you maximum comfort and convenience in the kitchen. It features one-finger control of water temperature and volume, thereby allowing you to operate the water faucet with easiness.

This model is easy to clean as it features Speedclean anti-lime system that prevents the build of lime and other molds away from the faucet. It is an ideal one for users in search of kitchen faucets for short counters. Besides, it is a versatile faucet, and it performs an effortless operation.