The 4 Best Bathroom Vanities of 2020 By Consumer Reports

The 4 Best Bathroom Vanities of 2020 By Consumer Reports

Bathroom vanities are a perfect way of adding an aesthetic and tasteful look to your bathroom. Vanity is a huge component or board where you can keep or store your belongings. The upper part of this unit works as a bathroom sink.

Bathtubs without vanities are unattractive to use. There are hundreds of thousands of bathroom vanities on the market today, and it is often tricky to get the best. This article discusses the top four best bathroom vanities you would love to have.

Top 4 Best Bathroom Vanities

RunFine RFVA0069W Vanity

On our list for the best bathroom vanities is RunFine RFVA0069W vanity. This product is constructed with a top-quality ceramic material with enamel that makes it last for a long period. It has a bright finish that gives your bathroom an attractive look and design. It has a 6.5 basin depth.

The two unique doors and one drawer that comes with this unit helps you to keep chemical and toxic material away from kids safely. Unlike other units, RunFine RFVA0069W vanity comes assembled. So, you will have no problem putting it into use. It is less expensive to purchase. Three different colours come with this vanity. The product is a great option to complete your bathroom décor.

24 Inches Traditional Bathroom Vanity Set in Dark Coffee Finish

If you are in search of a perfect bathroom vanity that would fit in your mini-bathroom, this is what you are looking for. This 24 Inches traditional bathroom vanity is made to fit nicely into most bathrooms. It comes with a vessel sink, storage underneath as well as a wooden countertop where you can easily store other bathroom materials.

The vanity is finished with a dark coffee colour that makes it attractive to all users. It is one of the best to complete the décor of your bathroom. Unlike other models, this 24 inches traditional bathroom vanity is easy to clean as it has a glossy surface. The unit is easy to put into place. Meanwhile, it is also easy to move from one place to another as it only weighs 200-pounds.

46” Cottage look Abbeville Bathroom Sink Vanity

46” cottage look Abbeville bathroom sink vanity is an excellent way of adding casual uniqueness to any modern décor. It has an antique blue finish that would easily attract you even at first sight. When compared to other models, this unit comes fully assembled. So, you would require no extra bucks or time to put it into place! Aside from the fact that the countertop is also fully assembled, it has a neat and beautiful appearance.

It is built to last you for an extended period. Likewise, you will have no difficulties cleaning and maintaining this bathroom vanity. With this unit, you enjoy eight functional drawers alongside with underneath wood glides to keep bathroom materials safe.

Silkroad Exclusive Hyp-0718-T-Uic-48

Are you in search of a bathroom vanity that is a bit larger and has a traditional style? This model is what you are looking for. What makes it different from other units is that it has a lot of storage to keep bathroom materials.

It has a walnut finish that is complemented by the travertine stone top to complete the look of your bathroom. Meanwhile, the stop top is crafted out of solid wood, thereby making it attractive and durable. Although the vanity is easy to install, it weighs more than most bathroom vanities. So, you might need some pairs of hands while moving it from one place to another.